Paul Gray

Paul Gray's book All For One, published on the occasion of the exhibition 'All For One' by Paul Gray at Stills in 2005, includes 45 pages of stunning colour photography, a forward by Paul Gray and a conversation between Stuart Cosgrove and Paul Gray discussing a year of turmoil for Heat of Midlothian Football Club and Paul's ambition to undertake the artist residency at Tynecastle. 

Below is an excerpt from the published conversation between Stuart Cosgrove and Paul Gray

PAUL GRAY: I should start by explaining a little bit about why I undertook this project. It was in early 2004 when Hearts were in such a serious financial situation that the Board were in the process of selling Tynecastle to clear the debt. As a fan I obviously shared the concerns everyone had at the time about what possible future a homeless club could have. But the artist in me was concerned that such a major part of my life and major feature of Edinburgh was in danger of disappearing without and proper record. So I approached Hearts to see if they were doing anything to record this important period of change, and there was nothing in place, so they granted me access as an Artist in Residence to look at the stadium as a whole. Obviously there is enough existing footage of the football that has been played at Tynecastle...

STUART COSGROVE: But nothing that actually constructs it as a living place that's there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

PG: Or addresses the unique character of the stadium as it has been developed over the years.

SC: Or its role within the community.

Limited Edition of 1000 printed copies.

A4 size
45 Pages, (35 colour photographs)

Paul Gray
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